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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

Best Pre-Wedding Photography Services

We are one of the, if not the only, bridal boutique that offers a wide range of destinations for couples to choose from. There have been an increasing demand for pre-wedding photography overseas, as such we have also increased our pre-wedding destinations for our couples to select from – all of these at an affordable prices. Choose from the Alps in New Zealand or Switzerland to the glaciers and aurora hunting in Iceland, decide where you want to have your pre-honeymoon vacation at and subsequently, have your wedding photos taken at your dream vacation destination.

Pick from a list of spectacular locales such as Iceland, Switzerland, Paris and Santorini for your pre-wedding photography and transform your memories into eternity. At Your Love, you can expect a team of brilliant and dedicated professionals to make sure you achieve bridal perfection; your dream dress, wedding desires and everything in between. We trust that you will treasure our pre-wedding photography for a lifetime.  

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